Many years ago, the Highborn arrived from Elsewhere. Although humanity and halflings had long inhabited this world and it was full of thriving and vibrant civilizations, the Highborn cared not and begin to change it to their needs. First and foremost, the needed workers to accomplish this task. They believed that they were superior to all other species (a religious and political doctrine called The Supremacy) and used this as justification for the mass enslavement and genocide of the indigenous races. Humans and Halflings were immediately labeled as property, stripped of the basic rights for sentient creatures, and shipped and scattered across the world to farm, build, and toil for the Highborn’s pleasure and needs. Any who resisted were scourged from the earth with fire and lash.

That was over fifteen hundred years ago and the world has changed much since then. The Highborn have created a culture of submission and an economic system that thrives on the selling of sentient creatures as property. Many humans and halflings accept this as “the natural order of supremacy” and toil away accordingly. The Highborn who have failed in their ventures still live, forming a bitter but privileged class of Lowborn.The Dwarves have burrowed upwards from beneath the earth seeking fortune as the financial backbone of the Highborn’s empire. The Gnomes followed the Highborn’s coattails to find their own place in the new world, creating a paid labor force for specialized tasks such as manufacturing and engineering. Successful and failed breeding programs instituted by the Highborn has led to enslaved populations of Murkbloods, Coldbloods, and Fiendbloods. But questions also arise, such as what to do with the Half-Elves who are the inevitable side effect of the relationship between imperialist and the oppressed?

This is the world into which you step.