Also known as the dragonborn and the Drakes.

Dragonborn are part of the strained efforts of both elves and dragons to maintain a peaceful coexistence. They stand far taller than a human, and their scales can match any possible color that their dragon ancestors could muster.

Apart from the bulk of elf holdings exists the Dragon Kingdoms, small territories ruled over by an ancient dragon tyrant of the appropriate color. These beings are native to the material plane and are among the most powerful creatures in existence. When the Highborn landed, the dragons took offense at these would-be conquerors and sent their human armies to fight. Although these humans fared far better than most, the elves were still able to advance into the Dragon Kingdoms. The dragons approached the elves themselves this time, however. The Highborn were aghast; here were creatures that The Supremacy acknowledged as equals. The elves immediately attempted a peaceful negotiation, giving young elven men and women as wards to the dragons. A few years later, the elven wards had spread their lineage among dragonkind. Born of these unions, the first dragonborn opened their eyes into a strange world.

The elves were furious at these creatures; how presumptuous of a lizard to breed with a Highborn. The dragons were ambivalent and had seen stranger creatures born of their unions. Thus the dragons and elves came to an agreement: any dragonborn born in elf territory would be a slave according to the Supremacy, while any dragonborn inhabiting the Dragon Kingdoms would have the same rights as any other citizen.

As such, dragonborn have spread throughout the world, both free and enslaved. They breed true, producing more dragonborn when they mate with one another. However, they cannot breed with humans or elves.


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