Also known as the Gem Folk, the Diggers, and Longbeards.

Dwarves are short and stocky, and their skin tones run the same spectrum as humans and halflings. Their features are hard, angular, and flat, and they grow hair at a much faster rate than any other race.

The dwarves serve as a necessary evil for Highborn society, as The Supremacy strictly forbids the accumulation of financial wealth (but, interestingly enough, not property). This is a side effect of the partially-true belief that massive amounts of metals are hazardous to elven health. No Highborn may keep more than a few gold coins on their person according to The Supremacy, but their economy is still based on the amount of coin one owns. Thus, the dwarves, once enemies of the Highborn in Elsewhere, have now made themselves the keystone to civilization. Dwarves mine, forge, and refine metal so the highborn don’t have to. In addition, the Longbeards have set up a network of magically-bound banks where elves can store their wealth until it is needed. Thus, the elves are forever indebted to those that keep their coin safe.

Although the dwarves have long inhabited the material realm, they are not native to this plane. Millennia ago the dwarves and elves battled for supremacy of Elsewhere. The dwarves lost this battle and burrowed their way into the grounds beneath the Material Plane. Oddly enough, according to The Supremacy, even these ancient enemies are accorded greater rights that humans, halflings, and even gnomes.

Dwarves are allowed to keep slaves, although they find this practice someone distasteful. The greatest punishment for a dwarf is for their clan to be sold into slavery as if they were a human.