Also known as tieflings and, to Highborn, the Cursed.

FIendish in appearance, the tieflings are another successful breeding program instituted by the elves. Their skin is almost always a shade of red, and horns, stunted wings, fangs, and claws feature prominently in their features.

A tiefling is born one of two ways: one or both of the parents is a tiefling, or a pregnant woman is magically cursed. Elves noted that when magic was practiced upon human women, either by themselves or by other creatures such as hags, a deformed baby was born. These babies grew to have fiendish features and infernal skills. The elves, seeing another opportunity for a specialized slave, began to curse pregnant women without scruple. These tieflings then bred more tieflings, until there was a considerable population inhabiting the Highborn labor force.

Tieflings are used primarily for magical tasks, as infernal magic literally flows through their veins. Serving as experimental subjects, supernatural slave drivers, or exotic servants are some of the many jobs a tiefling is enslaved to do.


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