Also known as The Little Folk and, among the Highborn, Vermin.

The gnomes are another extraplanar race from Elsewhere and their existence is bound with that of the elves. Gnomes can possess hair and skin of any color and are even able to change these at will. They look similar to smaller dwarves, with large noses and flat faces, but tiny bodies.

Gnomes migrated from Elsewhere after the Highborn settled in the material realm. They have always been servants since the dawn of their existence. They exist to build, to fix, to improve, to change, and to progress. They breed almost as fast as humans and live in tight familiar structures like urban beehives. However, because they are a race from Elsewhere, The Supremacy allows them some basic rights (such as being paid for their toil), but little else.

The gnomes are begrudgingly allowed to inhabit the material plane along with the elves, but only under very strenuous conditions. Gnomes are not allowed to accumulate wealth; they may only work hard and must spend their money if over a certain amount. All gnomes are forbidden to speak of the Highborn’s existence in Elsewhere and this oath is painfully and magically bound. Otherwise, gnomes fill in specialized roles that humans and halflings cannot because of a lack of education or magical aptitude.