Also known as half-orcs, Greenskins, and, to the Highborn, the Misbegotten.

Grounded in this world, yet not of it at the same time, the Murkbloods are a cursed race. Half-orcs stand over the height of humans, with large musculature, and their skin follows the rainbow of their human ancestry, but with the added tint of green.

Orcs are one of the races the Highborn refer to as Murk; foul creatures that inhabit Elsewhere and ravage across the planes. On rare occasions, rifts to and from Elsewhere will open on the material plane and, during one such occasion, a horde of orcs ravaged the countryside. This was the first time that humanity had encountered the orcs. Orcs pillage, scourge, and rape all they come across and human slaves and elf masters alike fell victim. After the horde fell to an elvish army, the aftereffects became apparent a few months later. Babies with green skin, massive forms, and fangs were born. The elves took this chance to observe how these Murkbloods fared.

This experiment succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, producing slaves that live shorter than humans but work at a much more intense pace. Now, orcs are sometimes captured and let loose in human population to ensure a steady pace of these hard workers.

According to The Supremacy, these creatures are even lower than humans and halflings and are barely recognized as sentient, independent beings. Murkbloods are meant to be seen, not heard, and one who speaks more than “yes, master” is seen as suspicious.


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