Also known as the Fair Folk, the Lords and Ladies, the Gentry, and, amongst themselves, the Elves.

The Highborn are a fey and fickle race who come from Elsewhere and have settled in the material realm. They stand shorter than their human slaves, a little over five feet, with pointed, angular features and an otherworldly beauty. The Highborn can have any shade of skin possible, from an almost translucent pallor to an oaken brown. They have pointy ears and pupil-less eyes, usually in a solid color.

Highborn are the new lords of the earth, having enslaved humans and halflings to see to their every need. They are a passionate people with fierce emotions but with little love for anything that is not themselves. Highborn society follows the doctrine of The Supremacy, a political and religious doctrine that enforces highly-stratified societies where the superior rule over the inferior. Almost all societal interactions are tinged with the effects of this doctrine.

The Highborn arrived from Elsewhere, landing on a flat plateau with their strange plane-traveling ships. They saw a new land in the making and immediately founded Firstfoot, a small colony of their families. Within days, scouts found human cities and halfling nomads. These creatures were unknown to the Highborn and they consulted The Supremacy to determine their place in the Grand Order. The result would shake the material world: “to be enslaved”. The elves began to negotiate with, kidnap, and conquer all they met. Quickly, whole ethnicities of humanity and halflings were gone while others were immediately put to work in hard labor. The rest is history.

Not much is known about the Highborn and their home realm. The little existing knowledge has been gathered from overheard conversations and the testimonies of the gnomes. The Highborn are magic incarnate and thus subject to the laws and rules of magic. The Supremacy explains that an elf’s position in life can change and their appearance with it. However, this rigid view carries over to their interactions with other races. The gnomes were already repressed by the Highborn even before their great migration, but they were accorded basic rights far greater than the humans and halflings of now.

The Highborn came to this plane to allegedly flee an even greater menace, one that the gnomes have sworn magically enforced vows to never speak. Called the Darkborn or drow, these Highborn are even more powerful and oppressive than their imperialist cousins.

When a Highborn ceases to earn a high status according to The Supremacy, a strange mutation occurs. They become less colorful and more earthy, almost humanlike in ways, as they eventually take the form of the Lowborn. Sadly, this transformation does not change their outlook nor their pride.


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