Also known as the Poor Folk, the Bitter, and, amongst the Highborn, the Trash.

The Lowborn are a class of demoted elves that have lost their previous Highborn status. Whereas their “cousins” are fair and beautiful, these elves possess a sense of wrongness about them. The brilliant color has left their lives and their appearance reflects this; although their skin can still run the spectrum, their hair and eyes can only appear in earth tones. In addition, slight deformities and idiosyncrasies are common: cleft palates, asymmetrical features, and their eyes different shades.

The elven doctrine of The Supremacy demands that the Highborn actively maintain their status through deed and speech. However, when one’s status is compromised (such as a breach of honor or the significant loss of wealth), the Highborn in question will undergo a transformation. Taking over the place of three days, the Highborn will first lose the gay colors they are associated with, followed by a slight rearrangement of their features, and finally with a painful crunch as the physical body is changed to the smaller Lowborn.

The Lowborn are just as prideful as their cousins, however. Lowborn are accorded the same basic rights as Highborn, but are looked down with some pity and derision. This haughtiness never leaves them, even when they till the same fields as their human counterparts or count sums under a dwarven banker’s wing.